#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek2017 : Hold On, please.

❤ It's Mental Health Awareness Week this year and it's a great opportunity for people who can use their platforms to spread awareness about how important it is to be aware of your mental health and to get help if you need it, now. I'm not going to ramble for long because this is a … Continue reading #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek2017 : Hold On, please.

How much do you REALLY matter though?

SPOILER ALERT- More than you think you do. - We're constantly doubting and underestimating our self-worth and the impact we can have on people and the world. We don't really think we matter enough or that making our voices heard is absolutely essential. And this is bad- not just for our self-esteem and our mental … Continue reading How much do you REALLY matter though?

The Blogger Recognition Award!

We were nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award! Thank you, Gracie! (you can find her here! https://graciechicksblog.wordpress.com) There's a hilarious reason for why this post is so late- well, Shruti found out about the award nomination, replied to Gracie's comment, and being a little inexperienced with blogs, didn't realise that she'd have to do a blog … Continue reading The Blogger Recognition Award!

Tolerance, Intolerance and Aamir Khan

Indian media's been calling Indian society 'intolerant' for a while now, following the Kalburgi case, the Dadri incident, various beef-bans and the death of a street vendor in Mangalore.  In protest, many eminent Indian personalities have been returning awards, and this has both been criticized and praised to high heavens. Aamir Khan made a statement … Continue reading Tolerance, Intolerance and Aamir Khan