The Blogger Recognition Award!

We were nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award! Thank you, Gracie! (you can find her here! There's a hilarious reason for why this post is so late- well, Shruti found out about the award nomination, replied to Gracie's comment, and being a little inexperienced with blogs, didn't realise that she'd have to do a blog … Continue reading The Blogger Recognition Award!

Tolerance, Intolerance and Aamir Khan

Indian media's been calling Indian society 'intolerant' for a while now, following the Kalburgi case, the Dadri incident, various beef-bans and the death of a street vendor in Mangalore.  In protest, many eminent Indian personalities have been returning awards, and this has both been criticized and praised to high heavens. Aamir Khan made a statement … Continue reading Tolerance, Intolerance and Aamir Khan