A 6 day week?

[Disclaimer: Read at your own risk. The following content is through the eyes of a student and may/may not be accepted by all. If you are going to read the following article and abuse it, don’t read it at all. If you’re a stuck up grown up who thinks kids should be seen and not heard, GO BACK IMMEDIATELY. We want no negativity, and no mean comments here. We’re human beings too. 🙂 ]

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CBSE has mandated a 6 day week for all students from grades six and above. My response (quite like many other students) : Quantity over quality? I mean, yes, I do understand that education is important and weaker students need to be given attention to. Teachers do need more time to teach, but through this move, the only thing CBSE is putting across is that everything we do must take a back seat to studies. And is it really learning that we CBSE-kids are doing? Isn’t it just ratta maar and cram things for our innumerable tests and CCEs?

Personal experience- Teachers read the chapters aloud, ‘promise’ to clear our doubts, dictate notes, and announce that they’re giving us a ‘surprise test’ the next day (yeah, seriously). And then the midnight cramming begins. I can imagine quite a few of you raising your eyebrows and saying “Beta, if you study everyday you don’t have to mug up.” Yes, I agree. Many of us don’t study everyday. I don’t either. Maybe you’re right, I should. But I do manage pretty well. In my opinion, education should be interesting. It isn’t, although it’s supposed to be. No wonder no one wants to study the weird, un-understandable words printed in our textbooks. They glare at you with these glances that say- So you really think you can study me? Yeah, right..

And CCEs! Those long drab group projects where no one does anything and you have to spend three hours decorating this huge chart paper alone since you’re afraid you’re going to lose marks because no one else is making an effort to earn some. Stick files, charts, slogans, speeches, essays, etc etc- basically new forms of torment grown-ups’ve invented just for us. When do we get time for our hobbies, interests and other activities (which, very unfortunately, do not come under the title ‘studies’)?

Being a ninth grader, I’ve seen my co-curricular classes snatched away right before my eyes. We don’t get any time for anything else anyways, and now the same routine on saturdays too? Do you want to turn India’s next generation into organisms who know nothing but NCERT textbook content? Is this what you want, really?





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