2016 was a year of events and milestones, and also a year of regrets- just like every year before it, and like the years that will come after. In 2016, we grew up a little bit, we shed a few tears, we learnt to grit our teeth and deal with things. But we also had fun.

Who’s to say 2017 won’t be the same? It, too, will pass and in another year I’ll sit at my computer writing another post wondering how it’s already 2018. 

Time gets faster, it doesn’t slow down. For a toddler of two, a year is half a lifetime- it goes by in slow, sleepy ticks of clocks, soft babble, waits and pauses, and drowsy spins of colour. As she grows, time shortens. There’s work to be done, deadlines to be met and chores stacked upon one another- and then time is nothing but a blurred hand on her watch.

And if, for us mortals, a year seems so short; what be a year to eternity? Nothing at all.

So let 2017 go by in a hazy mist of happy hues and let us not complain.




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