How much do you REALLY matter though?

SPOILER ALERT– More than you think you do.

We’re constantly doubting and underestimating our self-worth and the impact we can have on people and the world. We don’t really think we matter enough or that making our voices heard is absolutely essential. And this is bad- not just for our self-esteem and our mental health, but also for the future of our planet.


For you-

When we doubt our self-worth, we lose faith in the power our voice holds. We shush our voice till it eventually dies down. But, what we don’t realize sometimes, is that we need our voice to help us get through life, we need our voice to convince us, to nurse us, to everything us. It’s the most powerful tool we possess- it could bring us down, but it can also uplift us.

For the world-

Change begins with an individual. And it spreads through several individuals adapting to it and spreading it using their voices. Every single individual’s participation matters and that is why you matter. You can’t afford to be ignorant and think that somebody else will do it instead of you or that your participation won’t make a difference- because it does, a whole damn lot, too.

I mean, why do incapable people have such powerful positions? It’s because we didn’t use our power to elect capable people.

Why do dirty roads, infected water bodies and garbage dumps exist? It’s because we don’t carefully choose and execute every move, we don’t let our voice and conscience do the talking,

Why do homophobia (and all other LGBTQ+ phobia), racism and sexism still exist? It’s because most of us don’t feel obliged to participate in spreading love and equality. We should feel obliged to fight for equality. We should be obliged to use our voices for things that matter.

Why is our planet dying and why are animals still treated cruelly? It’s because we don’t use our voice to stop ourselves or others from committing damage.  


~If  you’ve understood why but you can’t convince your brain to tailor its belief about your self-worth and how much your voice matters, here’s how you can try and do that~


Well, the simplest answer is this picture here-

download (1)

Convince yourself that you and your voice matter and free your voice- let it be heard. Easy. Right?

If it’s hard for you to convince yourself like that, here’s another simple-ish way of looking at it- words. Every single letter of a word builds it, makes it meaningful and the absence of even one of those letters could completely change it or make it meaningless (and I’m not talking about the difference between American and British spellings of words here, so shh). The world is like word and we’re like letters of that word- we make it, shape it, break it and fix it. That is why every single one of us holds the power to change the world- for the better or worse is a choice that we have to make.

It’s your choice to try and unleash your voice and use the power it has very, very wisely. Ultimately, it’s all up to you.

~If you’ve decided that you want to use your voice to do some good, which means you’re using it wisely but you don’t know what you can do, here are some ideas~

What next, though?

  1. You could start a blog! You could write about things you’re passionate about. See, you’re already on a site that lets you create a blog and words are really powerful, so you could start somewhere. You could be inspired by bloggers and inspire bloggers.
  2. You could take part in conventions and marches (Eg- the Women’s March or something like that) that excite you and involve a topic you’re passionate about.
  3. You could be more vocal in real life, around family and friends and at school, even!
  4. You could pursue singing, dancing, public speaking and basically any form of expression that interests you.

Now, that you’ve hopefully got some clarity and some ideas, it’s your choice to voice your voice.

You matter A LOT and don’t ever let yourself or anybody tell you that you’re not worthy- because you are.





4 thoughts on “How much do you REALLY matter though?

  1. For a long time I under estimated my self worth, until people from the past, came up and told me how I made a difference in their life.
    Now I have a blog and I talk.

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